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Miltenyi Biotec launches MACSim Imaging Platform, claims it revolutionizes high-content imaging

The benchtop instrument performs a fully automated iterative fluorescent staining, imaging, and signal erasing process, using multiple fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies per cycle.............

Regulatory support, big pharma interest will boost precision medicine for cancer

The leading market analysis firm, GlobalData has predicted that the precision medicine approaches for for tumor agnostic development will accelerate due to the enhanced regulatory support and interest from big pharmaceutical players in the market...………..

New technique to detect chronic kidney disease

The technique developed by researchers of the New Delhi based Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) and Amity University, Rajasthan involves modification of a multi-walled carbon nanotube electrode with capture protein papain via covalent immobilization..............

Scientists identify potential early biomarker for Alzheimer’s

In the study at IISc-Bengaluru, researchers used mice that were genetically modified to mimic Alzheimer’s disease to look at proteins involved in maintaining dendritic spine shape and number....................

One stop solution for health, agriculture and safety!

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, have developed a single solution for preventing heart attacks, measuring soil moisture and detecting explosives. Read more........