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Brain stroke cases increasing in younger population

The country has several risk factors for stroke that are unique to young Indian people. Food fortification with folic acid and vitamin b12 will help prevent brain stroke in vegetarian population in India

IIT Mandi team develops an efficient method to study the internal...

Researchers modified the nanoclusters with a biocompatible protein and track the dynamics of the lysosomes in brain organoid. In particular, they studied the process in which lysosomes recycle damaged mitochondria inside cells

Medtronic partners Aster MedCity to accelerate healthcare access for Parkinson’s patients

The NeuroNav MER system for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy done for Parkinson’s Disease will enhance the quality of patients’ lives and further improve clinical outcomes

Less than one in four Indians aware brain stroke symptoms: Survey

Only 41% of respondents consider brain stroke a cause of concern. Just 23% of respondents were aware about risk factors of brain stroke

Study reveals big step towards better treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists demonstrate the influence of nanoparticles and surrounding ions on the formation of β-sheet structure in amyloid β proteins

Immunization a key prevention strategy to mitigate Japanese Encephalitis: Experts

Japanese encephalitis (JE), a vector-borne disease - spread by infected mosquitoes - results in a viral brain infection and can lead to non-repairable neuron damage if severe or left untreated. Across India, 1,500 to 4,000 cases are reported annually.

Chronic headache with Nausea could be symptoms of Brain Cyst: Dr...

Brain cysts with no symptoms are often not treated with any intervention and your doctor is likely to monitor these through scans

Study could help better management of Alzheimer’s patients

The improved algorithm named ReAl-LiFE could also predict how a human test subject would behave or carry out a specific task

AI diagnoses brain tumors accurately

Study by Karl Landsteiner University for Health Sciences demonstrates partial superiority of artificial intelligence and physiological image data in brain tumor classification

PM Modi inaugurates Centre for Brain Research, lays foundation stone for...

The Centre for Brain Research is developed as a one of its kind research facility and focuses on conducting vital research to provide evidence based public health interventions to manage age-related brain disorders