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Avantor named best bioprocessing supplier in cell & gene therapy at...

Award recognizes Avantor's outstanding efforts to expand the market reach for life-altering innovative cell and gene therapies

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches big foot cell sorter in India

First-of-its-kind cell sorting technology supports researchers advancing new therapies

Vice President inaugurates blood transfusion unit & advanced diagnostic lab at...

Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Society (TSCS) President Chandrakant Agarwal joined Vice President for the inauguration of New Blood Transfusion Center and state-of-the-art Research Laboratory

Study: Cell & gene therapy cold chain market doubling to >$2.5...

In-depth results of market analysis have also revealed the challenges and unmet needs for the manufacturing process of advanced therapies

USFDA approves expanded use of Bristol Myers immunotherapy for cancer

The approval marks the first-and-only immunotherapy-based treatment for use before surgery for non-small cell lung cancer

Treatment of progressive neurological, neuromuscular disorder gets a shot in the...

The researchers identified the compounds from a library of about 25 lakh small molecules maintained by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), United States of America

New study by BHU scientists raises prospect of Zika virus therapy

A team of researchers has found that the virus interacts with a set of cells called microglial cells, which protect the brain from infections and that a protein in the virus called ZIKV-NS1 plays an important role in its replication and immune evasion

Hydrogen sulphide gas may help tackle HIV: Study

The new study, which was conducted by researchers from the Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and their colleagues from the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, could help tackle this issue......................

Study finds a new potential therapeutic target for cancer

A new study by a team of scientists at the National Centre for Cell Science (DBT-NCCS) in Pune has provided fresh insights on proteins, β-TrCP1 and β-TrCP2, whose deregulation has been associated with many diseases, including cancer........................

Study may help find new way to aid bone regeneration

In a new study, researchers at the Bhubaneswar-based Institute of Life Sciences, (DBT-ILS) have investigated the potential for using a set of protein molecules called Mucins for developing such double network systems in combination with polymers.................