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Biology oriented synthesis for drug discovery: An interesting new approach

The proteins present in human body and natural products display great mutual recognition which significantly enhances the probability to find initial hit molecules if the compound collection is developed based on natural products

Hyderabad set to host International Congress of Cell Biology 2018

Being held on 27-31st January, the meeting will bring together scientists from diverse disciplines working in various parts of the world having the common goal of understanding properties of cells and how they function..........

Researchers find the protein that maintains calcium equilibrium inside human cells

A group of Indian scientists have reported that a membrane protein inside part of human cell is critical in maintaining calcium equilibrium in cells...............

Becton Dickinson launches reagents to simplify single cell research

As per company, the precise WTA reagents provide accurate, simple quantification of genetic information in individual cells....

“Indian scientists are returning home with cutting edge expertise”

Return of bio-scientists back to India is helping strengthen research, feels Mr Robert Baledras, VP, BD Biosciences...