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Avantor named best bioprocessing supplier in cell & gene therapy at...

Award recognizes Avantor's outstanding efforts to expand the market reach for life-altering innovative cell and gene therapies

Purple tomatoes raise hopes of GM Crops enthusiasts!

The tomatoes approved by USDA have been gene edited to produce 10 times more antioxidants than pre-existing varieties

Community seed bank initiative traces & restores heritage rice varieties in...

Field gene banks have been set up to propagate the heirloom varieties through seed exchange programmes and organic seed multiplication

CCMB scientists unearth potential diagnostic markers for male infertility

The new study which was conducted in collaboration with several other institutions and focused on the cause of infertility in the rest of the cases, has now identified eight defective genes in these men

Study identifies gene that could help fight lethal infection Candidiasis

Named CSA6, the gene has been identified in Candida albicans, a fungus notorious for causing high morbidity and mortality rates under certain immuno-compromised conditions

Newly identified gene could be clue to treatment of fungal infection...

The gene called CSA6 has been identified in Candida albicans a fungal species infamous for causing high rates of morbidity and mortality under certain immuno-compromised conditions such as AIDS or during cancer treatment

DCGI approves AstraZeneca’s Lynparza as a monotherapy for high-risk early breast...

Lynparza is the first and only approved PARPi targeting BRCA-mutated HER2-negative high-risk early breast cancer

Study: Cell & gene therapy cold chain market doubling to >$2.5...

In-depth results of market analysis have also revealed the challenges and unmet needs for the manufacturing process of advanced therapies

Gene defect for allergic & autoimmune diseases discovered

A mutation of the IL-33 gene in the human genome that results in multiple allergic disease manifestations, and autoimmune disease has been discovered for the first time

Deep learning model to predict adverse drug to drug interactions

Using gene expression data, the new model can predict how some drug-drug interactions can lead to adverse effects in the human body