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Scientists expose hidden risks of diarrhoeal disease

University of East Anglia's new research identifies a rapidly evolving new subspecies of the cryptosporidium parasite - a leading cause of diarrhoeal disease in children worldwide. The study sheds new light on how this parasite has evolved...………...

Animal derived ‘hanging drop’ cells to help in liver studies

Researchers took cells from sheep and buffalo livers from slaughterhouses and cultured them in varying media and culture conditions and showed that in one of the conditions called ‘Hanging Drop’ method..........

Conference on Brucellosis begins at Delhi, 3 new diagnostic kits launched

The three day International Conference on Brucellosis that began on November 17th, is being organized by the Department of Biotechnology in collaboration with Indian Council for Agriculture Research

Declining biodiversity: Wildlife populations could drop two-thirds by 2020

The WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016 states that world needs to re-think production systems and consumption patterns as top threats to species......

Delhi to host Brucellosis 2016 International Research Conference in November

The conference intends to create a climate for participants to exchange ideas and explore collaborations to address the challenges of controlling brucellosis in endemic countries.....