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Edible plant-based ink for safe screen printing applications

According to the researchers, edible ink has many properties that support sustainability

PM Swasth Bharath Mission: IIT Roorkee & AIIMS Delhi develop SwasthGarbh...

The App provides antenatal care and real-time medical support to pregnant women (especially those residing in rural areas

IIT Roorkee researchers discover three antiviral molecules for treating SARS-COV2 virus

These studies have resulted in identifying antivirals that multi-target coronavirus proteins that will quickly direct the development of new antiviral therapy against SARS-CoV-2 and its emerging variants

BV Academia Series: PPP critical to develop indigenous vaccines

Prof. Soma Rohatgi, Department of Biological sciences and Bioengineering, IIT Roorkee shares her views with the BioVoice News

IIT Roorkee researchers identify the role of WBC cell markers in...

Neutrophils, monocytes and macrophages are white blood cells that act as scavengers of dead cells and foreign bodies such as bacteria and other pathogens
Biovoice News Wound Care

Scientists develop curd-based wound healing gel

To address this concern, a team of scientists from IIT-Kharagpur has synthesized a low-cost gel from curd which not only retards the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria but also enhances wound healing......................

Seaweed-silver combo can fight drug-resistant bacteria in biofilms

Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee) have developed a new eco-friendly nanocomposite that promises to help fight the problem of such antibiotic resistance more effectively...................

Carbon nanomaterials to simultaneously detect & destruct cancer cells

Carbon dots, also called carbon quantum dots, are fluorescent materials that are well-suited as both therapeutic and diagnostic agents for cancer because of two unique characteristics – they are biocompatible and can be rapidly excreted from...………….

New option emerges for treatment of inflammatory diseases

During the study, researchers found that both the full length Fbln7 protein and its C-terminal fragment inhibited the infiltration of macrophage and neutrophil into inflamed tissues and organs such as peritoneal cavity and lungs...………..

Jumping genes become active in critical brain areas with age

Studies on jumping genes are significant as it can cause insertional mutations leading to several diseases. Till date, more than 100 disease-causing jumping gene insertions have been identified................