Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Scientists figure out molecular mechanism behind latent TB

A team of researchers from Kolkata-based CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Bose Institute and Jadavpur University have figured out how tuberculosis bacterium is released from its reservoir inside the human body......................

Selenium nanoparticles may act like antibacterial agents

The antibacterial effect of selenium may be due to the fact that at a particular concentration nano-selenium interacts with the bacterial cell surface and penetrates into the cell, thus causing damage.............

Measles-Rubella vaccination drive widens its reach, 2nd phase rolled out 

The campaign aims to rapidly build up immunity for both measles and rubella diseases in the community so as to knock out the disease.....

Govt spent Rs 5.2 crore on Dengue vaccine research in 2016

As per the union minister of state for science and technology, Mr Y S Chowdary, the government is supporting Dengue vaccine research in a major way.....

Civil Society Conclave highlights the need to combat TB

CSOs to play a strong role to reach vulnerable and high-risk Tuberculosis populations in the country besides..