Thursday, October 5, 2023
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NSW developed medical technology saving lives in India

An innovative smartphone-based health app pioneered in New South Wales could help millions of people in India to access lifesaving diabetes screening and care for the very first time....................

Study reveals Lucknow most protein deficient at 90%, Delhi at 60%

73% of Indian diets are protein deficient; Indian vegetarian diets worst affected with 84% being protein deficient; while 65% of Indian non-vegetarian diets too suffer from protein deficiency.........

SAFAR: the project on air quality spreading to more cities

The system synthesizes data on sources of air pollution, its impact on public health, food, regional climate, to arrive on information products useful to government agencies as well as citizens...........

University of Warwick researcher discovers secret to eliminate elephantiasis disease

Mathematical model works out the potential impact of  treating and preventing disease with three drugs