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Israeli scientists develop a method to turn hazardous acidic industrial wastewater...

A research group led by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has developed a circular process for eliminating the risk posed by phosphoric acid plant wastewater

Could a phytochemical from broccoli be the answer to antibiotic resistant...

Researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University investigate phythochemical derived from cruciferous vegetables that break down the biofilm that protect them from being eradicated by antibiotics

Delta variant might return back, warn Israeli researchers

While Delta wiped out the variants that preceded it, Omicron has not eliminated Delta

Getting under the skin of an autoimmune disorder

Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science researchers, in collaboration with Hadassah and Rambam physicians, present a new roadmap for exploring poorly understood diseases

Israel’s TAU offers new hope to people with paralysis

Researchers from the Tel Aviv University successfully engineer the world's first 3D human spinal cord tissue transplant

Israel’s Technion researchers develop conductive biopolymers using proteins

Researchers from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have successfully created conductors that are relevant to solar energy generation, biomedical engineering, and more using by-products of the food industry

C-CAMP announces 2nd edition of Indo-Israel Innovation Bridge in health &...

The Indo Israel Innovation Bridge Edition II aims to take the current, largely exploratory C-CAMP- CG, Israel partnership a notch higher by creating synergistic ecosystem-to-ecosystem tie-ups

A routine prenatal ultrasound can identify early signs of autism, Israeli...

Researchers from the Azrieli National Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment Research published their findings last month in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal Brain

Did COVID lockdowns make us fat? Israeli scientists try to understand...

Researchers simulate in mice an acute decline in exercise, as many people experienced during Covid19 lockdowns, to study its metabolic consequences

Ben-Gurion University, Israel to establish agricultural research institute in India

BGU is among the world leaders in the field of desert agriculture and water-related research and will be consulting regarding the establishment, development, launch and operation of the joint Academic Research Institute...................