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AstraZeneca likely to see substantial Evusheld uptake in Japan, says GlobalData

The government’s decision to limit the drug’s supply to only COVID-19 prevention will still likely encourage its uptake, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company

Lupin & I’rom enter into an exclusive licensing agreement for denosumab...

Following the completion of the clinical trial and receipt of marketing authorization from PMDA in Japan, I’rom will exclusively commercialize the product in Japan

Heart attack diagnostics market sales create significant incremental opportunity over 2032

In the test sector, blood tests from the heart attack diagnostics market are anticipated to flourish at the quickest CAGR of 6.8% through 2032

Automating renal access in kidney stone surgery using AI-enabled surgical robot

A novel AI-empowered robotic device successfully underwent clinical trial for assisting in percutaneous nephrolithotomy—surgery for removing kidney stones

Scientists develop novel computational model for Aptamer generation with wide applications

Researchers from Japan have recently developed RaptGen, a significant computational model that can be used for novel aptamer generation

CEPI partners with Japan’s NEC Group to develop AI-designed broadly protective...

If this innovative approach is proven to be successful, it may also be applicable for developing vaccines against other pathogens in the CEPI portfolio

APAC News: Japan inches closer to having its own indigenous Covid-19...

Delay in launch of indigenous COVID-19 vaccines by Japanese pharma will impact domestic market potential

Amazing nanoparticles from Maize: A potent & economical anti-cancer therapeutic

Japanese researchers develop a nanoparticle-based drug delivery system from corn/maize to target cancer cells

Novel vaccine may yield affordable solution to lipid disorders

Scientists develop a new candidate vaccine that improves obesity-related disorders and may be economical

Novel light-based method shows the changing face of bioactive molecules

Using a photocatalyst, scientists have identified the factors behind racemization process of chiral sulfoxides......................