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Caught in controversy, GM Mustard hangs fire

Will the genetically modified mustard variety approved by the regulator make history or go down the path of deeply frozen Bt Brinjal? We take...

GM Mustard approval – Let us use it for farmer’s benefit

Regulatory bodies have done a commendable job in bringing this technology to the Indian farmers, writes Dr Ram Kaundinya

The science of jurisprudence of genetically modified mustard

The scientific community firmly believes that the reasoned arguments must consider following facts and empirical datasets to arrive at an objective, factual and science-based judgement on GM mustard

BioVoice eMagazine November 2022 Issue 2 Volume 3

Click to Read: BioVoice News November 2022 Issue 2 Volume 3 The Cover Story in the current edition turns its spotlight on the genetically modified mustard. Its recent...

GEAC approves commercial release of GM Mustard

The regulator brushed aside concerns that GM mustard could harm honeybees

How tiny pests traverse long distance to attack mustard crops

Researchers from the Kolkata-based Bose Institute have retraced the aerial path that the pests of mustard take and have found the exact route of their travel from the upper Himalayas down to the plains of the Ganges..................

2019 can be a game-changer for bioscience industry?

The second last year of this decade signals towards fast nearing end of the obsolete regulations, technologies and ideas. The next decade is surely going to offer a huge leap forward to the bioscience sector in India and globally...……………..

Scientists develop early flowering transgenic mustard

By increasing the expression of this microRNA, the researchers have developed an early flowering transgenic plant of Indian mustard cultivar Brassica juncea cv. Varuna and shown that by manipulating flowering time, one can develop a plant variety..........

GM mustard to remain in a deep freezer for now

Deep at the bottom of controversy, the genetically modified mustard might not witness commercialization any sooner, at least not in the next one year until the elections are over..............

BARC develops new mutant varieties of crops & vegetables

The major desirable traits in these crops developed by the Baba Atomic Research Centre include higher yield, seed size, improved agronomic and quality traits, early maturity and stress tolerance..............