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Venture Center invests in neonatal care startup Sensivision Healthcare

Sensivision is a medical device startup focused on the critical care segment of Neonates, and Venture Center and CCAMP have collaborated to support the company in this round of investment..............

Special Startup Series: Innovative yet affordable solutions for improving newborn care

Hyderabad based Nemocare Wellness has developed a prototype of an affordable continuous monitoring system for checking the vital parameters of babies in hospital settings. The integrated diagnostic tool monitors the newborns' vital health parameters from a central platform....................

South-East Asia countries to intensify efforts to control dengue, eliminate malaria

Reviewing the progress, challenges, capacities and opportunities for strengthening health workforce, the 11 countries agreed to continue to focus on frontline workers, improve rural retention and transformative education, and increase coordination between health and other ministries...…………..

India may not achieve SDG targets on reducing child mortality: study

The study based on analysis of data from the 2015–2016 National Family Health Survey (NFHS) has found that about 67% of the districts are not likely to achieve the target for male newborns, whereas 46% are not likely to achieve the target for female newborns by 2030...…………...

Access to medical technology can save thousands of premature babies

With hospitals and NICUs in India becoming equipped with the latest medical technologies, survival of premature babies in India has improved markedly says the Cloudnine Group of Hospitals....