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Delta variant might return back, warn Israeli researchers

While Delta wiped out the variants that preceded it, Omicron has not eliminated Delta

Mathematical model to predict COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

The researchers began by analysing over 80 different neutralising antibodies reported to be generated after vaccination against the surface spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

Delta & Omicron may both co-circulate: Experts

While Delta has two mutations on the receptor-binding domain of the spike protein, Omicron has 15. This has resulted in evasion from antibody binding, necessary for protection.

COVAXIN (BBV152) booster shown to neutralize both Omicron & Delta variants...

100% of test serum samples showed neutralization of the Delta variant and more than 90% of serum samples showed neutralization of the Omicron variant

IHME forecasts enormous spread of Omicron

The analysis by IHME shows that increasing mask use to 80% will have a huge effect on cases, hospitalizations, and deaths

Tata MD launches COVID Express RT-PCR testing solutions to boost Omicron...

Indigenously developed RT-PCR test for economical, variant-proof, and express use

Thermo Fisher Scientific claims its TaqPath COVID-19 tests can detect Omicron...

The TaqPath COVID-19 assays detect SARS-CoV-2 infections by identifying the presence of three gene targets from the orf1a/b, S, and N regions of the virus