Thursday, September 29, 2022
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“Murata Vios plans to expand its foot prints across tier II...

Dr. Ashutosh Mundkur– VP of Sales & Marketing Murata Vios shares his views on technology adoption during Covid-19 pandemic, company's activities and future plans, healthcare innovation, government's policies and much more

Intuitive India introduces a new remote learning technology for surgeons

ITP facilitates remote learning, and encourages interaction and collaboration between surgeons without the need to travel.

Merck’s new cloud-based, remote lab water service & monitoring capability

Online service portal allows scientists to monitor lab performance with 24/7 remote access and control. Besides that it saves time and improves lab productivity with remote diagnostics and assistance......................

Can hackers control a pacemaker or insulin pump in human body?

The human body carries electrical signals which can be protected from remote hacking by containing them within close proximity of the body, thanks to new technology developed by Purdue University engineers.....................

“We connect hospitals in big cities to patients in smaller ones”

Mentioned Mr Ayush Mishra, Co-Founder, Tattvan E-Clinic which is a first of its kind telemedicine healthcare clinic aiming to transform how one views healthcare in remote regions............