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A low-cost method for detection of early skin cancer

The researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar are developing a personalized and cost-effective method for detection of early stage skin cancer...........

BioVoice eMag May 2017 Issue-12 Volume-1

BioVoice eMag May 2017 Issue-12 Volume-1: The startup special ‘May 2017’ edition of BioVoice eMagazine includes the cover story, ‘THE STARTUP FACTOR’, that looks at...

BIRAC invites proposals from biotech startups under BIG scheme

The startup firms can submit their innovative research proposals under the 10th Biotechnology Ignition Grant scheme to the Biotechnology Research Assistance Council upto 5th Feb, 2017......

University of Warwick researcher discovers secret to eliminate elephantiasis disease

Mathematical model works out the potential impact of  treating and preventing disease with three drugs

Empowering Career Sustainability in Science

Career Support Group (CSG) for Science PhDs on Facebook and ClubSciWri website, are two unique platforms where post-doctoral scholars engage....