Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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PerkinElmer launches EnVison Nexus Multimode Plate Reader to drive improved research...

The EnVision Nexus system features high-throughput, exceptionally fast dual detectors, enabling researchers to screen millions of samples with the increased accuracy, speed and sensitivity

Indian Academy of Neurology platforms the voice of the ALS community

The platform was ‘Nerurons ki Awaaz’, a public awareness and advocacy initiative of IANCON

Indo-German Week of the Young Researchers 2022 to foster collaboration among...

The interaction will be the first of its kind among the researchers of two countries in the post-pandemic world

Research identifies new treatment target for CNS injury & neurological disease

Optic nerve damage was of interest to the researchers because it occurs in patients with glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

SMART researchers pioneer novel way to detect microbial contamination in cell...

The anomaly detection model utilizes machine learning to detect the presence of microbial contamination within a few minutes

Scientists develop novel computational model for Aptamer generation with wide applications

Researchers from Japan have recently developed RaptGen, a significant computational model that can be used for novel aptamer generation

Scientists develop ML techniques to predict neonatal & infant mortality in...

Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur and Western Michigan University use nationwide household survey data from India to identify significant neonatal and infant mortality predictors using multiple machine learning techniques

India gets single national portal for biotech researchers & startups

The portal "BioRRAP" will cater to all those seeking regulatory approval required for biological research and development activity in the country

IIT Mandi researchers unravel the section of spike protein in COVID-19...

Using advanced computational algorithms and laboratory techniques, the researchers have deciphered the structural flexibilities of the C-terminal region

Singapore study sheds light on antibiotics-associated diarrhea

The team of researchers found that the level of gut Ruminococcaceae, a family of bacteria that plays an important role in maintaining an individual’s gut health, strongly impacts diarrheal outcomes following antibiotic treatment.