Monday, September 23, 2019
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Right interventions can improve diabetic situation in middle income nations: Study

A joint study that was conducted in the countries with middle or lower income including India, has come up with the key..

Angioplasty stent prices down by 30-50% in last 4 year, reveals...

While the study mentions that stents contribute to only one-fourth of the overall procedure cost, it also...

WRS can rescue workers from extreme hot environments: Study

Providing Water, Rest and Shade (WRS) to workers can mitigate the ill effects of heat and improve health, says new research..

Tobacco is the cause for 25% of cancers in Mumbai

20-25 % population in Mumbai are under the risk of oral cancer due to the consumption of Tobacco...

International Clinical Trials Day: ISCR acknowledges role of patients as invaluable

Study highlights misconceptions and lack of awareness inhibiting factors to growth of clinical research...