TataMD & Anderson Diagnostic Labs partner to transform COVID testing

TataMD and Anderson Diagnostics and Labs establish India’s first dedicated CRISPR-based COVID Testing Lab accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) at Hosur

New Delhi: Tata Medical and Diagnostics (TataMD), the new healthcare venture from the house of Tata has entered into a wide-ranging clinical collaboration with Chennai-based Anderson Diagnostics & Labs (ADL), to standardize the indigenously – developed TataMD CHECK in a bid to slow down the rate of new infections.
The collaboration with clinical experts of ADL has helped ensure that the “Made-in-India” TataMD CHECK diagnostic kit can be scaled rapidly with ADL having already successfully conducted over 10,000 COVID tests using this new, DGCA approved ICMR guidelines, novel diagnostic solution based on Feluda CRISPR Platform.
“Tata’s CRISPR-based platform is a rock-solid COVID test that can be programmed for early detection and treatment of a number of other diseases and conditions as well. The indigenously-developed TataMD CHECK based on Feluda offers a clear, quicker and more accessible alternative to RT-PCR, the current mainstay of COVID tests. Our clinical partnership with Tata MD will help support the transformation of COVID testing to arrest the emergence of a second wave in India and around the world.” said Dr Srinivasaraman, Director, Anderson Diagnostics and Labs.
“TataMD CHECK provides a high-quality testing experience with its simplicity, sensitivity, specificity and speed of results. We have performed COVID tests using TataMD CHECK and reported results well under three hours using, inexpensive lab equipment compared to current available molecular testing platforms. The application of CRISPR technology is a new era in molecular diagnostics.” said Dr Sachin Hongunitkar, Head of Anderson Clinical Genetics, Chennai.
‘Having tested and validated more than 10000 samples, we feel this technology is on par with the best in the world and futuristic as well. Moreover, TataMD CHECK’s ability to perform using inexpensive lab equipment like standard thermocyclers will be a boost for small labs in tier II/III towns and villages to start COVID testing locally” said Dr Anand Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, Anderson Diagnostics.
“Working with the exceptional team at Anderson Diagnostics has demonstrated the impact that a new technology-based product like TataMD CHECK can have on strengthening our COVID testing capacity and access to testing in remote areas. Tata’s clinical collaboration with Anderson Diagnostics will only drive advances in the diagnostic space of COVID-19 as the pandemic continues.” said Girish Krishnamurthy, MD & CEO, Tata Medical and Diagnostics.
While RT-PCR tests have been a mainstay in testing for the global COVID-19, unfortunately, the sheer volume of tests demanded by the pandemic, coupled with the high expenses and skill sets required for setting up and operating RT PCR Labs has created a strong need for alternative testing methods.
With its extensive experience in managing COVID for organizations and events, TataMD also offers TataMD SECURE, a holistic COVID management program designed for industries, corporate organizations, events (like sports, religious) and educational institutions. The entire program is intended for employee/ stakeholder wellbeing and event/business continuity. TataMD SECURE is a proven working model for managing COVID and the entire activity is supported by a robust digital platform, designed in consultation with eminent panel of scientists from India and other counties. ADL is a key diagnostic partner in helping several such corporates and industries foster safer workplaces as employees return to work.
Girish Krishnamurthy, CEO & MD said, “The pandemic has affected not just the health of the people but also the economic health of the nation. It is essential that business and industry come back to a state of normal function to arrest the decline in the economy. However, the pandemic is still a matter of concern with the emergence of new strains and any return to normalcy needs to be undertaken with caution. The key, therefore, lies in significantly enhancing the testing capabilities with regular tests for employees, which would enable organisations to reduce exposure to sick employees and allay any fear of resuming work.”
Against the backdrop of new COVID variants and the possible emergence of a second wave, about 70 districts of India have seen an increase of over 150% in the number of COVID cases in the past few weeks, and if the spike is not contained now, once again, we will experience a nationwide outbreak. Many of these towns are small towns/cities and villages including in Tamil Nadu, and need to be protected. The Honorable Prime Minister has asked the states to step up testing as one of the measures to contain COVID 19 second wave.
Strong strategic partnerships allow each partner to bring in their strengths, creating a synergy that augments the efforts in the battle against COVID. The partnership between Tata MD and Anderson Diagnostics and Labs will act as an enabler to optimize delivery of the COVID tests, advance diagnosis for emerging pandemic and diseases, create more value for the people and allow easier access to the tests. Together with its partners, TataMD will drive change in healthcare through the latest technology and provide COVID-19 testing wherever and whenever needed.