TB Free India Summit 2019: India’s top political leaders & bollywood actors join hands

The two day event focused on advocacy for tuberculosis featured cricket match involving India's top ministers, political leaders, parliamentarians, MLAs and Bollywood actors


New Delhi: The TB Free India Summit 2019 organized by Member of Parliament and Global Champion on TB, Mr Anurag Thakur, witnessed widespread support from political leaders, health experts, media and NGOs.

The two-day event organized to endorse the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making India TB Free by 2025; five years ahead of the global target witnessed political heavyweights from across party lines, Bollywood actors, MPs, MLAs, national and international health experts, media editors come together to advocate for a Tuberculosis free India.

Day one of the summit and cricket tournament saw keynotes and endorsement from Speaker Lok Sabha, Sumitra Mahajan, Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar, Minister of State Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel, Sanjay Singh, Member of Parliament, Manoj Tiwari Member of Parliament, Siddhant Mohapatra, Member of Parliament and Bollywood Actor Sohail Khan and Vatsal Seth.

Addressing the gathering of dignitaries, Mr Anurag Thakur said, “I have been advocating for a TB free India for many years and as the Global Funds Global Champion on TB. I engage with multiple stakeholders in creating greater awareness across the country. Last year we had successfully organized the 1st TB free India summit in Dharamshala which was attended by over 150 delegates including Union and State Health Ministers, Bollywood Celebrities, Member of Parliaments across party lines, International Health Experts and Senior Government officials.”

“India under PM Modi has shown determination and commitment to end Tuberculosis five years ahead of the global target. This has received global appreciation and support. This urgent public health issue is not party or region specific; we are all equal partners in our fight to make India TB Free. We are all coming together in this endeavor with a North Indian Chapter with Chief Ministers, Health Ministers, Member of Parliaments, Member of Legislative Assemblies from Delhi, Uttarakhand & Haryana for formulating a roadmap towards this target. The cricket matches between the teams comprising Ministers, MP’s & MLA’s is a reflection of their commitment towards the cause and I am glad to have everyone join this national advocacy campaign to make India TB free by 2025.”

The TB Free India Summit 2019, ‘Member of Parliament’s XI & Chief Minister’s XI TB Cricket Tournament is being held in New Delhi on 2nd and 3rd February 2019 at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. The first day of summit saw a cricket match between Haryana XI and Punjab XI (Ministers, Members of State Legislature and MPs), which was won by Punjab XI led by Vijay Inder Singla, Minister, PWD and IT, Punjab. This initiative is supported by The Global Fund and The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union).

Health Ministry announces firm commitment at India vs TB Summit 2019

The day two of the summit too garnered support from Health Ministry with Union Health Minister Mr J P Nadda being present himself at the summit, paving the way to supplement Prime Minister’s vision of making India TB Free by 2025, five years ahead of the global target.

The teams of Delhi XI and Uttarakhand XI comprising Ministers, Member of Parliaments, Member of Legislative Assembly, Bureaucrats, played a friendly exhibition match, showcasing their support towards India vs TB.

An inaugural address by Mr J P Nadda set the tone for the summit and cricket match, which was followed by keynote addresses from a host of Ministers such as Health Minister Delhi Mr Satyendra Kumar Jain, Finance Minister Uttarakhand, Mr Prakash Pant. The closing remark was addressed by Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr Jayant Sinha, bringing the two-day summit & cricket tournament towards a successful culmination.

Speaking during the inaugural address, Mr Nadda said, “TB is a disease crippling our society and we as citizens should come together, to create awareness and work towards its eradication. India has the largest number of TB patients in the world and we have set a goal make India TB Free by 2025. Our government has been working proactively to achieve this goal. I congratulate Anurag ji for organizing India vs TB and bringing everyone together in the mission 2025.”