TechInvention to bring world’s 1st & only oral cholera vaccine in LDPE Unidose pack to India

83 million doses of Cholera vaccine will be required in India by 2025

New Delhi: TechInvention Lifecare, India has tied up with Eubiologics, South Korea, towards bringing in Euvichol-Plus, the World’s first and only Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) in LDPE (Low density polyethylene) unidose pack.
Euvichol-Plus is prequalified by World Health Organization (WHO). Eubiologics has so far supplied fifty-five million doses to UN (United Nations) healthcare agencies. Euvichol-Plus® has been supplied to around twenty-two countries across the globe.
The LDPE unidose pack of Euvichol-Plus is not only easy and safe to use, but also reduces the issues pertaining to conventional glass vials in terms of breakage, storage, transportation and wastage management.
As per WHO reports, Cholera has around three percent mortality rate, especially among young children. India, the second most populous country in the world suffers the maximum economic burden of cholera with the situation further worsening during disease outbreaks which frequently occurs in many states. Huge population and low hygiene standards play a definitive role in cholera transmission, given that the disease is directly linked to inefficient access to clean water and sanitation facilities.
Limited availability of vaccine, challenge the efforts to prevent the scourge, leaving vast population segments of our country vulnerable to the disease. Unfortunately, thousands of children succumb to cholera which can be effectively prevented by a vaccine, as it is proved that vaccination is an effective strategy to tackle this killer disease. It is estimated that, around 83 million doses of Cholera vaccine will be required in India by 2025.
In this context, TechInvention’ Founder & CEO, Mr Syed Ahmed said, “It is our endeavour to bring in a WHO Pre Qualified OCV in India for managing potential outbreak risk caused due to the often-neglected disease like cholera. We wish to play our part in supporting Indian Govt’ & WHO’s initiative of  ‘Ending Cholera- Global Roadmap by 2030’, by offering affordable, easy to use, safe & efficacious vaccine”.
Eubiologics’s CEO, Mr Yeong-Ok Baik mentioned, “The collaboration between Eubiologics and Techinvention is aimed at reducing the disease burden and saving lives of Indian children by effective vaccination through our WHO-Prequalified cholera vaccine, Euvichol-Plus®, in a unidose pack. We are looking forward to the commencement of the Phase 3 clinical trial and its successful completion so that the vaccine becomes available for use”.