Top Cardiologists across globe discuss complex cardiac interventions & treatment

The 12th Annual International Transradial Intervention Course (TRICO) held at Ahmedabad witnessed the participation of top cardiology experts from around the world


Mumbai: The 12th Annual International Transradial Intervention Course (TRICO) was organized recently in Ahmadabad. The conference was a practical and interactive platform that addressed the most common challenges of routine and complex coronary and peripheral interventions done radially. Physicians from as many as 12 countries participated in discussions on complex interventions, use of new technology including IVUS, FFR, OCT and Rotational Atherectomy through Transradial access.

Medical technologies and devices have propelled a revolutionary change in healthcare globally. Given the critical role of medical technology to delivering quality healthcare, such initiatives help in coming up with practical solutions that meet needs of India’s healthcare professionals and patients through capacity building and training.

Padmashri Dr Tejas Patel, Chairman and Chief Interventional Cardiologist, Apex Heart Institute, Ahmadabad and the course Director, along with Dr Sanjay Shah and Dr Shigeru Saito from Japan delivered a packed educational session.

dr-tejas-patelCommenting about the conference, Dr Tejas Patel said “The conference is a platform for exchange of knowledge regarding different intricacies in the medical devices sector and demonstrating new, cutting edge technologies for enhancement in innovative ways to make patients’ treatment better. Not learning new techniques/technologies, ultimately will lead to stagnation.” He added, “India, now, proudly is involved in reverse outsourcing of innovative technologies in Transradial Intervention. There were 20 live cases, which were presented during the course. The ultimate objective is to benefit the patients; the common man.”

Prof Fazila Tun Nesa Malik, Consultant Cardiologist, National Heart Foundation hospital and Research institute, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, who attended the conference said: “The course was a great platform if one wants to know anything about transradial practices, from the very basic to the most intricate information. Innovations have become an essential tool. The aim is to better patient care, patient safety and long term results. All thanks to innovation, the healthcare ecosystem is able to observe the change now. Such innovations create excitement and interest among doctors as well enhanced levels of safety and confidence among patients.”

India has become a hub for training physicians across the globe and treats patients across the geographies with access to state of the art innovative technologies. Indian physicians are taking a lead in understanding new innovative technologies, have access to them mostly ahead or at par with the western nations and are establishing India as a Center of Excellence in developing new treatment protocols and techniques.

There is a grave need to up skill the medical fraternity to address the growing disease burden. India has over 67 MM patients suffering from coronary heart disease and of these patient there are only 5 MM patients who end up being treated either through medical management, surgery or angioplasty. For every 1000 patients, there are only 0.3 physicians and hence it becomes essential to upgrade the doctor skill set for better healthcare delivery. Events like these are great platforms to discuss innovative technologies, gain experiential learning and share knowledge to treat patients with highest quality of care.

It is important to ensure that there is a balanced approach to providing access without creating an environment that does not reward innovation. In medical practice where physicians are dealing with precious lives, every effort that can save lives, improve the quality of life, procedure and outcome, counts. There is nothing small or big – if it makes any aspect of treatment better for the patient, the right to choose should be with the physician and patient as every bit counts!