Vera Clinics firms up $119 million worth orders to set up 300 plus primary smart clinics in rural India

Company to invest $15 Million in the first phase for setting up health access points at the medical institutes, that include smart clinics, mobile units, door to door, smart health transport and multi & super speciality hospitals access

Hyderabad/New Delhi: Vera Clinics, the Hyderabad-based Vera Smart Healthcare arm, has signed a definitive agreement with various medical institutes in the state of Telangana to set up health access points, that include smart clinics, mobile units, door to door, smart health transport and multi & super speciality hospitals access, based on the health profiling in and around the radius of 300 kms.
The company under the collaborative model will introduce the latest and leading-edge technology into healthcare – from digitizing the health with AI-powered Virtual Smart healthcare tools, backed by Mobile Wellness Hospital services in these medical institutes.
Vera Smart Healthcare is India’s largest B2B healthcare integrated AI, Mobility health system that collaborates with Indian healthcare companies and Central / State Governments in transforming healthcare scenarios in India.
The Company was the first and the only company to run massive mobile units covering 85 districts and 2400 towns and 2 million plus patients in the past. VERA, so far invested around 6 million, between 2020 and 2021 and has also witnessed a growth 424% Year on Year since the launch of its services in the year 2019.
Announcing the deal, founder CEO, Vera Clinics, Dharma Teja Nukarapu, said that the estimated valuation of the new deal is around $119 Million and will be implemented over a period of two years, in the initial roll-out phase we are investing $15M.
“This fresh order add to our existing ongoing list of contracts.  What we aim to achieve is to ensure that primary healthcare access is at figure tips of rural through Door-to-Door diagnostics services, around the corner smart clinics, on demand mobile units are provided to the regions that surround these teaching hospitals. All these large hospitals will be backed by our technically trained healthcare staff, strategic clinics, mobile healthcare units, proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology and mobile applications,” Mr. Nukarapu added.
Currently, Vera clinics has a capacity of 1000 hospital beds, 200 doctors and 500 nurses across the country.
Vera Smart Healthcare has been in the forefront of research and new models of Artificial Intelligence driven healthcare as well as the development and introduction of socially rewarding new technologies. “Our belief is that disruptive AI driven healthcare technology is the way forward for Health Care Providers, Medical Institutions and door-to-door health care practitioners to connect better and faster to any rural patient to diagnose illnesses, fasten cure, and save lives.” he adds.
Mr. Nukarapu  and his team have had a tremendous journey of innovation and success right from solving problems for prescription medication to athletic smart body patches to  medical profile monitoring & analytics to helping a nation fight a pandemic. The truth behind that statement is the  agility with which Vera clinics is able to pivot to solve innumerable problems around us by using their existing line of products (hardware and software). Being able to navigate through different problems and come up with a single solution is a knack that is difficult to develop. But I can see that it is part of Vera clinics DNA. Looking forward to many more such successes. Investor Kaushik Mani, from California.
“We have seen the company grow from its backyard contracts to larger contracts. The strongest elements were always vision and hard work to make the impossible possible.” – Amar B Singh, Angel Investor from New York. “Returns in the rural market need great performance but these guys always had a solution to move forward”, said Ratish Kumar, Investor, India.
During the COVID pandemic, Vera Smart Healthcare was the frontrunner to introduce and operate a fleet of 220 buses running in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to undertake Covid-19 tests on behalf of the State Governments. It conducted 20 million tests in the twin Telugu States.