World Cancer Day: Emcure organizes awareness drive for employees

Dr. Shona Nag, Co-Founder of the Nag Foundation and one of India’s leading oncologists, gives a comprehensive address to Emcure's employees on the occasion of World Cancer Day

Image-Dr. Shona Nag, Co-Founder of the Nag Foundation delivering her talk on the World Cancer Day.
Pune/New Delhi: Emcure Pharmaceutical organized an awareness drive to educate and share the importance of early detection for the prevention and management of cancer. The initiative on World Cancer Day was aligned with employee welfare activities.
Emcure invited Dr. Shona Nag, Co-Founder of the Nag Foundation and one of India’s leading oncologists, to give a comprehensive address to their employees. During the session, she covered controllable risk factors, the importance of early detection, and also explained how each employee could play a part in closing the care gap, which was in line with the international theme for World Cancer Day this year. The talk was followed by a Q&A session in which Dr. Nag addressed questions from the employees about cancer.
The company is proud to be at the forefront of promoting cancer awareness and hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of its employees. Empowered with the right information about cancer, Emcure employees will in turn become awareness ambassadors to their family, friends, and society.
The activities also included a pledge by employees followed by a walkathon to create awareness for a cancer-free world. It drove home the importance of physical activity to overall health and how it can help prevent cancer. The event concluded with the release of hot air balloons, followed by a healthy breakfast for everyone.
According to GLOBOCAN, nearly 13 lakh new cancer cases are diagnosed in India every year. Nearly 70-90% of these are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors. Better education and awareness regarding the risk factors can have a significantly positive impact on the prevention and early detection of cancer. This, in turn, makes a huge difference in the outcome and prognosis of the disease.