Xcode Life launches world’s first ‘South Asian & Indian Ancestry Genetic Test’

The detailed report from the test gives you information on your genetic similarity to various ethnic groups within India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries and from around the world


Bangalore: Tracing our family tree is an activity that features in all our childhoods but did any of us manage to reach beyond our grandparents or our great-grandparents? All of us are products of generations of ancestry with a rich history and heritage, all embedded in our genes waiting to be uncovered.

Now Xcode Life, the personal genomics company based out of Chennai has announced the worldwide launch of the first of its kind ‘South Asian Ancestry Genetic Test’ that will trace one’s ancestry in the global and South Asian sub-population level. The test will reveal information about oneself comparing the DNA samples of each individual with more than 35 ethnic groups in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and other regional countries to provide a detailed ancestry break-up.

Talking on this Occasion, Dr Abdur Rub, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Xcode Life Sciences said – “Our unique heritage, our unique history, the history of our ancestors, is living within each of us! You may be 20, 30 or 50 years old, but your genes are 3 billion years old. For the first time in human history, genetic technology makes it possible to uncover this unique past that each of us carry in us. I am very excited that Xcode is launching world’s first ‘South Asian Ancestry Genetic Test’ through which your DNA is matched with more than 35 ethnic groups in India and other groups worldwide, and your most recent paternal ancestor”.

Xcode will also help individuals to trace their paternal ancestry by evaluating DNA which will decode ancient migratory patterns of their forefathers. 

Present at the launch to to spread awareness on using genomics to deduce Indian ancestry was Dr Analabha Basu, Associate Professor, National Institute of Biomedical Genomics. Sharing his views on the subject, he said, “Knowledge about the origin of the human species as a whole has the potential to reshape our society. The more we learn about our diversity, the more we learn how connected we are. It can lead to path-breaking medical discoveries and pave the way forward to research based on our DNA patterns.”

Every cell in our body contains DNA which can reveal everything from our family history to our ancestral migratory patterns and with Xcode’s DNA ancestry test, you now have the chance to unravel this rich history written in your DNA. Xcode will also help individuals to trace their paternal ancestry by evaluating DNA which will decode ancient migratory patterns of their forefathers.

Speaking about the company’s goal and expansion plans, Dr Abdur Rub said-“Our goal is to bring down the disease burden of metabolic disease in India and across the world. We intend to grow to a 1 million-customer base in the next 3 years. We are expanding our global footprint and are known for both genomic research as well as high quality genetic tests, reports and related services”