About Us

The BioVoice is an independent media outlet for coverage of Indian bioscience sector through its 24*7 live web portal, bi-annual digital magazine and soon to be launched app. Founded in 2015, this vibrant news platform connects various dots thereby filling the existing gaps that have been limiting the options for reaching out within the bioscience industry.
From latest updates to deep insights, there is an end to end coverage of issues that matter the most. Be it the exclusive interviews or coverage of events that bring to you the live news pieces as well as the audio-visuals, it strives to accelerate the communication on happenings in the sector.
From agriculture to healthcare, there are multiple factors that guide the growth of bioscience industry. From research to development of products, there are host of activities and stakeholders who have a say in its growth. BioVoice offers its platform for dialogue to both the promotors and critics and raising issues for the understanding of the broader audience.
And that is not all! We understand your quest to know what is happening inside the industry, policy rooms and research hubs. To address the needs of all our audience, our customized events in future will be focused on intense deliberations on burning issues. Our documentaries on research achievements and host of interesting topics will be the first of kind in Indian bioscience ecosystem. The cartoon section full of criticism, satire and humor is aimed at being the reflective point for all the stakeholders of the sector. Similarly, the regular readers interface grids aim at making the interaction two ways.
Founders of BioVoice have got an extensive experience in journalism and strategic communication. Realizing the need for an independent news medium that is able to deliver quality news quickly, they decided to come together to cofound this venture.  The pivotal point around which much deliberations and brainstorming revolved was the lack of appropriate and complete coverage of the bioscience sector. Hence, it was a conscious decision to choose the name, BioVoice as the real voice of bioscience industry.
It is well chronicled that the power of pen can bring about revolutions! And that is what the bioscience industry in India is set for. BioVoice is an agent of change that brings to fore positives and negatives, challenges and opportunities. Without fear or favor, it will offer its forum to both promoters as well as critics to engage and get heard. It has been founded to play a devil’s advocate on important issues and we hope to play our part well!
I see journalists as manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate.   
                                                                           Marguerite Duras (French Novelist)