AI powered medical care platform, AI4Rx launches MedBeat HealthConnect

The application uses AI to get an accurate medical summary of patients’ ailments and symptoms for diagnosis by the medical professionals

New Delhi: AI4Rx, the AI powered, high-quality medical care platform for all, announces the launch of MedBeat HealthConnect, an application that uses AI to get an accurate medical summary of patients’ ailments and symptoms for diagnosis by the medical professionals.
This will help bridge the communication gap between patients and doctors.
The MedBeat HealthConnect app is available for download on both PlayStore and AppStore. In addition, a web app is also available.
Setup in 2019, AI4Rx has worked ceaselessly to create a strong backend of symptoms and diseases by working closely with medical professionals. MedBeat Healthconnect aims to narrow down probable diagnosis by intelligently asking relevant questionnaire, creating medical history for the prescriber, directing and recommending the right specialist along with lab investigations to the patients.
In India, with just one medical doctor for approximately 11,000 population, the patient load is obviously high. In addition, challenges in taking a patient history are also many – Language, Understanding, cultural, psychological, etc. All of these adds to the issues of Patient – Doctor Communication.
“A good diagnosis requires a full medical history of the patient, which in turn requires a fair amount of time and effort on the doctor’s end for asking relevant questions. With MedBeat HealthConnect, we are assisting doctors optimize the time spent on each patient. Our App, through an innovative knowledge-based tool that uses AI algorithms helps ease this by providing a full summary to the medical professional for correct diagnosis”, says Dr. Monika Agarwal, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, AI4Rx.
The application asks the patient minimum number of questions required for the diagnosis, narrowing down the set of probable diseases in the background. To solve the problem pertaining to language barriers, the platform interacts with the patient in their mother tongue. Utilizing this key information, it creates a summary of symptoms and medical history to be presented to the doctor and suggests the right specialist. This summary contains doctor’s technical medical terminology, helping them in quick understanding and reaching the relevant diagnosis.
In addition to providing medical summaries, the app also suggests which specialty of doctor to visit and relevant lab examinations. One can book appointments online as well as book appointments for home collection of lab samples.