Biocon Biologics partners IDF to increase access to diabetes care

Becomes the first biosimilar insulin company to partner with International Diabetes Federation for enabling affordable access to insulins to people with diabetes worldwide

Bengaluru: Biocon Biologics has partnered with The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) as the first biosimilar insulin company to promote and support IDF’s Core Mission initiative and activities. This important partnership with IDF coincides with the start of the centenary celebrations of the discovery of insulin and takes forward Biocon Biologics’ mission of enabling affordable access to insulins to people with diabetes worldwide.
Nearly a century after the discovery of insulin, millions of people with diabetes are denied regular and affordable access to this life-saving therapy. People with diabetes are not just finding it difficult to access insulin in emerging markets, even those in developed markets like U.S. are finding it difficult to afford insulin therapy. As a credible, global insulins player, having served more than 2 billion doses of human insulin till date, Biocon Biologics has been engaging with key stakeholders at various global forums to find ways to increase affordable access to insulin and ensure the therapy reaches those who need them the most.
Dr Alexander Zach, Global Head of Market Access & Policy, Biocon Biologics, said: “We are delighted to partner with the International Diabetes Federation and contribute to a stronger global voice for people living with diabetes. Despite 100 years since its discovery, a key impediment to successful diabetes treatment with insulins is the lack of equitable access to affordable insulins. As a leading global insulins player, we have a shared vision of finding viable, long-term solutions to improve insulin access and affordability. This partnership with IDF will further propel these efforts to realize the company’s aspiration of reaching ‘one in five’ insulin-dependent people with diabetes globally. Given our extensive experience in providing affordable insulins globally, we believe we can contribute and support IDF in driving real policy and access actions that will transform lives and diabetes care.”
Prof. Andrew Boulton, President, International Diabetes Federation (IDF), said: “It is with great pleasure that IDF welcomes Biocon Biologics as a new partner. It is an important time for diabetes. This year, we celebrate the centenary of the development of therapeutic insulin in 1921 and next year its first successful use to treat a person with diabetes in 1922. Yet, 100 years after its discovery, this life-saving drug remains beyond the reach of many people with diabetes who need it. For IDF and our partners, the centenary of insulin will provide opportunities to raise awareness of diabetes, promote action to improve access to diabetes care and encourage greater effort to prevent diabetes and its complications. With close to half a billion people now living with diabetes, significant action to address the global impact of diabetes is long overview. Driving the necessary action to move the dial on diabetes care will require the unity, commitment and determination of the global diabetes community.”
With over 15 years of experience in developing biologics and strong scientific and technical capabilities, Biocon Biologics is already benefiting people with diabetes in many emerging and developed markets through improved access and affordability of its insulins.
In the run-up to the 100th anniversary of insulin, Biocon Biologics had unveiled its ‘Mission 10 cents’ program in 2019 to unlock universal access to high quality human insulin (rh-Insulin), by offering it at less than 10 US cents / day for Governments in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). The announcement was made at a UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange event held on the side-lines of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly in New York. Biocon Biologics has recently rolled out this program in LMICs like Philippines & Tanzania. This partnership with IDF further strengthens the shared vision of providing universal access to insulins globally to tackle a broad range of diabetes issues, create awareness, educate and advocate effective management of diabetes.
Biocon Biologics has invested, and continues to invest, in creating large scale, high quality insulin manufacturing facilities at global scale to make a difference to diabetes patients worldwide through its biosimilar insulins. The company’s biosimilar insulins are currently available in U.S., Australia, Japan, EU, as well as selected markets in Latin America; Africa, Middle East and Turkey (AFMET) and the Asia-Pacific regions. Till date, Biocon Biologics has served over 3 million patients globally through its portfolio of biosimilars, which spans insulins, monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins.