CLFMA represents the Indian livestock industry at The Feed Additives Asia 2018

Role of the animal protein industry in ensuring India’s food and nutrition security, livelihoods and economic progress to be highlighted in this three-day event at Bangkok


Mumbai: The Feed Additives Asia 2018 this year will witness high-level stakeholders involved in the speciality feed ingredients value chain from across the Asian region share ideas and build inter-country relationships. Raghavan Sampathkumar, Executive Director of CLFMA of India will be representing the Indian livestock industry at the event.

Feed Additives Asia 2018 putting forth the industry opinions as a sector influencer about the current landscape and the future of the animal protein industry in India.

Spread across three days the event held at Bangkok on 16-18th May addresses topics from market insights to innovation and bring together thought-leaders from the feed additives and integrators, academia, other associations and independent experts.

The key themes that Raghavan will be covering at the Feed Additives 2018 include the contribution of the sector in Food, Health and Nutrition; Livelihoods, Economic growth and Employment in India; Drivers of growth; Opportunities and challenges for the animal protein sector; and Myths and Facts about the Livestock industry

Mr Raghavan Sampathkumar, the Executive Director, CLFMA of India said, “India’s livestock sector is dynamic and is going through a phase of faster transformation structurally. With over 300 million bovines, India is one of the largest dairy players globally. We are also one of the most efficient producers of chicken meat and eggs. Of late, the aquaculture sector is growing nearly in double digits mainly driven by exports. Further, over 80% of the country’s population have no issues in consuming meat in some form. So, this industry has all the necessary ingredients for high growth and is critical from the socio economic and health perspective also.”

He added, “At CLFMA, we work with diverse stakeholders concerned with food, agriculture, health and trade. CLFMA participates in various forums and platforms at national, regional and global levels exploring solutions for the century’s greatest challenges such as malnutrition, safe and quality food production, and environmental sustainability. “