CorporateServe launches PharmaSoft 2.0

The reincarnated solution helps the Pharma enterprises Drive Efficiencies, Save Cost, and Increase Productivity and quickly adapt in a challenge prone market

New Delhi: CorporateServe has launched its newly upgraded, modernized solution, PharmaSoft 2.0 for the healthcare and pharma industry. The company is a leading provider of SAP and business intelligence solutions.
This reconceptualised and reincarnated technology reforms pharmaceutical enterprises to tactically and strategically analyse their notable business output. Apart from this, Pharmasoft 2.0 enables the company to simultaneously acclimatise to the challenging and ever-changing operational areas with unified intelligent technologies.
PharmaSoft 2.0 is certified by SAP as SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution for SAP S/4 HANA. PharmaSoft has been upgraded to solve new-age challenges in the pharma market. It targets strategic operational hurdles like disruption in the supply chain, improper data analysis, incompetent strategies, low financial management, and inefficiencies in the overall production process.
Present at the occasion Mr Vinay Vohra, Founder and CEO of CorporateServe said “Indian pharmaceuticals industry with a size of USD 45B is currently achieving a breakthrough when our exports are surpassing the domestic market. Exports have increased substantially from USD 19B in FY19 to USD 25B in FY21. By FY23, Indian Pharmaceuticals sector anticipates the industry size to surpass USD 60B. More than half of this would be exports. This growth has been fuelled not just because of COVID related exports but also since patents of decisive products are approaching expiration. Subsequently, the Indian pharmaceutical players carry a critical responsibility to fast adopt new products. The empowerment with advanced technology can assist achieve this ambition. PharmaSoft 2.0 packs leading industry practises to help the pharmaceutical enterprises in long-term success.”
The solution is developed by experienced professionals in, India and is specific to the pharma industry. From transition to execution, the entire suite transforms business to global efficiency standards to help clients make effective business decisions and increase confidence.
PharmaSoft 2.0 provides an array of value-driven features that are proven highly beneficial and encourage the finest levels of business output. It includes effective material management, data management and intelligence, loan licensing management, assay & LODs management, auto analytical report, DL Number tracking, BMRs & BPRs.