COVID-19: Mapmygenome India launches Maps & Move App to help users locate Coronavirus healthcare facilities

The Maps & Move app by Mapmygenome will help users locate Coronavirus testing labs, isolation & treatment facilities nearby


New Delhi: Mapmygenome India has launched Maps and the Move app that will now enable users to view, locate & reach nearby Corona Virus testing labs, Isolation and treatment facilities – both government and non-government.

Users can see and add their own photos and reviews about these places, in terms of amenities or hygiene, helping other users with critical & updated information on the condition of each facility.

Early detection and isolation of infected persons are two very critical measures that help contain any epidemic.

MapmyIndia resources are designed to do both. Quick and timely action triggers a virtuous circle that not only helps mitigate the spread of Corona virus, but also save lives. Here are two ways you can use MapmyIndia to stay informed:

  • Follow “– a live dashboard to get the latest, pan India updates on the spread & mitigation of Corona virus viz. confirmed cases, recoveries, etc. along with the information on COVID-19 facilities across India. (Video link:

  • Search “Corona” on or Move app – To find & navigate to nearby corona testing, treatment and isolation centres

“MapmyIndia team is continuously updating new facilities and health centres capable of handling Corona cases, as they come up, across India. With an objective to serve the society and help keep everyone safe, we welcome comments, feedback, suggestions etc. from users. These will help us enhance the functionality of these resources, making them more relevant, efficient and effective,“ said Mr Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director, MapmyIndia.