Diageo India launches a regenerative agriculture programme in partnership with The Nature Conservancy India

The three-year programme launched in Punjab and Haryana for rice and wheat crop farmers will equip over 5000 small-holder farmers with the best regenerative agricultural practices

New Delhi: Diageo India has announced the launch of a regenerative agriculture programme in Punjab and Haryana in partnership with The Nature Conservancy India.
The programme, aimed at transforming agricultural practices, will initially equip over 5000 small-holder farmers with best practices, knowledge, and tools. As part of its long-term commitment, the company will further scale up this initiative in the coming years.
Regenerative agriculture works in harmony with the natural environment by using a rehabilitative approach to food and farming systems. The regenerative agriculture initiative will help improve soil health and its carbon sequestration potential, enhance biodiversity and water quality, reduce the use of synthetic fertilizer, support small-holder farmers including women and improve their livelihoods.
The programme will equip farmers to access the benefits of regenerative agriculture on a large scale through training and workshops. The sessions will also include demonstrations of better crop residue management (CRM) by avoiding stubble burning, direct seeding with no or minimal tilling, introduction to alternative wetting and drying (AWD) irrigation methods, cultivation of green manure and legume crops, composting, mulching and agroforestry.
Hina Nagarajan, MD & CEO, Diageo India said, “We continue to make tremendous progress in line with our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress goals. Our partnership with The Nature Conservancy India for the regenerative agriculture programme is one such example that supports our efforts in creating a circular economy. The programme will enable farmers to learn and adopt practices with proven benefits to the environment while increasing their farm profitability. We are committed to scaling this programme further in our pursuit to create a more sustainable future.”
Dr. Annapurna Vancheswaran, Managing Director, TNC India said, “At The Nature Conservancy India, we believe that regenerative agriculture is the way forward to build a resilient food system. We are excited to partner with Diageo India to bring this transformative programme to farmers in Punjab and Haryana. Our science-based approach and partnership with Diageo will equip small-holder farmers with regenerative agriculture practices, that will improve soil health, biodiversity, and water quality. We look forward to scaling up this programme and creating a world where nature and people thrive.’
This programme is a part of Diageo’s Society 2030: Spirit of Progress, ESG action plan which includes the company’s commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions across its direct operations and a 50 percent reduction in scope three emissions by 2030. Diageo India works closely with supply chains to create value for local economies and support the local communities.