HempStreet partners Israel’s Gynica to develop phytopharma products

The partnership is aimed to bolster the combined R&D efforts to improve women’s health with cannabinoid-based phytomedicine

New Delhi: HempStreet, India’s first research to retail venture in cannabis, has partnered with Gynica, an R&D company based out of Israel focused on changing the culture of gynaecological treatment through clinically proven, cannabinoid-based solutions.
The partnership will benefit the companies to strengthen their R&D capabilities and to develop clinically-proven, robust phytopharmaceutical products to improve menstrual health and tackle other mass ailments.
Commenting on the partnership, Abhishek Mohan, Founder & CEO, HempStreet, said, “We are very pleased to enter this partnership with Yotam and the team at Gynica, who are a cutting edge biotech firm focused on solving the unique requirements of women’s health via clinically validated cannabis based medication. This partnership is also representative of the focus of biotech innovation in India and Israel, that both share the same passion for phytopharmaceutical medicines and to solve for the world.”
Mohan added: “At HempStreet, we find our origins in making a conscious choice to focus on tackling menstrual health. We have been able to provide a solution to tens of thousands, if not over a hundred thousand women via our medicines and nationwide partner clinic network. We are confident this partnership will usher in a new era of women’s healthcare not just for India but the world.”
Adding to this, Yotam Hod , CEO  of Gynica said, “Gynica is excited to establish this partnership with HempStreet, India’s leading ayurvedic medical cannabis company, with the aim of bridging between traditional medicine based on ancient wisdom, with cutting-edge technological and scientific advancements. We are confident that this valuable collaboration will help bring relief to women throughout the world, by leveraging Gynica’s clinical validation methodologies, with Hempstreet’s plethora of knowledge in the field of ayurveda for women’s health.”
Established in 2019, HempStreet has been leveraging the growing popularity of the age-old science of Ayurveda to manufacture ‘natural relief’ products from cannabis to treat chronic pain and menstrual health. HempStreet has made significant progress on that front via its flagship menstrual pain product Trailokya Vijaya Vati, that has shipped over 4 million doses across India.
Both Gynica and HempStreet have a strong focus on phytopharmaceutical products and together, the companies will co-develop medical products for the Indian market to tackle ailments specifically related to womens’ health.