Youngest patient ever undergoes total knee replacement surgery in India

Ekta Rajput, 25 becomes the youngest patient across the globe to undergo successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery. The 1-hour surgery performed on 30th January at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh was uneventful and had no complications


New Delhi: Ekta Rajput, a 25 year old psychology student hailing from Uttar Pradesh recently became the ‘Youngest patient across the globe’ to have successfully undergone a Total Knee Replacement Surgery. Ekta came to the hospital with a complaint of inability to bend her right knee, which is also known as, ankylosis (immobility of joints). The patient was suffering from rheumed arthritis and was in immense pain since last two years. She had tried all sorts of treatment and medication, however, nothing seem to work.

The patient went through a detailed evaluation further and was diagnosed with a) Bilateral Knee (both the knees) with advanced arthritis b) Right knee ankylosed c) Right knee fused d) Left knee no joint space visualized. Based on her diagnosis, she was advised a Total Knee Replacement Surgery for her right knee. The 1-hour surgery was performed successfully on 30th January 2019 at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

Talking about the case, Dr Ashish Jain, Associate Director – Orthopaedics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh says, “Total knee replacement in the stiff and ankylosed knee is a technical and complex procedure. This kind of surgery involves various challenges such as lack of adequate exposure of the joint, the need for extensive surgical approaches, risk of patellar tendon rupture, difficulty in achieving optimum ligament balance, component mal-position, patellar mal-tracking and difficulty in wound closure.”

The young patient showed great recovery post-surgery and has gone back to her normal daily routine. While the minimal recovery time for a TKR is approximately 2 months, few additional precautionary steps that needed to be adhered to by the patient post-surgery included – avoid squatting, sitting cross-legged or using Indian toilets as these positions increase the wear of the implant in spite of using high flex knee.

*This news is completely based on a press release.